What is a Carousel Device?

These types of machines are the same as the lathe. Today's carousel machines are computer-aided machining, called CNCs.

In general, lathes play an important role in the metal industry. The main task of these machines is to change the shape, size, polishing and roughness of the workpiece.

As mentioned, the carousel is the same lathe but vertically. In general, a lathe and a carousel refer to one type of machine. In Iran, however, the lathe-type vertical machines are called "vertical lathe" and the machines that are used vertically for large and large parts are called "carousel".

These types of lathes are very suitable for machining large, heavy duty parts. How to place the workpiece on the table in a way that is most stable. The spindle motors of these devices are very powerful. These machines are designed for cutting, cutting and even drilling (with the help of live tools) pieces of complex shapes.

The power consumption of these devices is often high. It is better to use only three-phase power for these devices. Location and infrastructure are important. There is no bird carousel in the car. Their desks are flat. Their engine power is high and their rotational speed is relatively low.

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2020 Jan 12
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